We gave Martha a major challenge when I wanted to celebrate my 70th birthday by taking my grandkids up into the high country. She found the right venue so everyone from the experienced pro to the terrified spouse to the 3 year old had a marvelous time. Good food, good pace, beautiful country and Martha’s gentle leadership worked like a charm. And the grandchildren loved the helicopter.
~ Rob Held, Bolton, MA.

I’ve never gone hiking before. Ever. So I emailed Martha and asked her if she could set up a trip for me that wasn’t too hard and ended with a campfire. She worked it all out, and we had a wonderful time. If you want to go hiking in Banff with a certified guide, and you want to have a great day, talk to Martha!
– Heather Clitheroe, Calgary, AB

I highly recommend this awe-inspiring adventure. You can’t really describe how amazing it is – you just need to experience it!
– Helene Oseen, The Adventure Getaway and Play, Fairmont, Chateau Lake Louise

The entire day was perfect, right down to the love in the lemon loaf.”
– Jen Whalen, Banff after a June heli-yoga day